Free Shipping & Same Day Delivery

DOW Technologies offers amazing shipping services under the DOW Smart Services membership

Simplify your shipping and costs by signing up for our free shipping service. Our distribution centers provide one day shipping coverage to nearly every area across our territory. Get your products simply and quickly with DOW Smart Ship.

We know that time is money, and you can't drop everything to run out and pick up a part. Next time you find yourself on the job and needing a last minute part, know that DOW Smart Courier has you covered for same day delivery.



Return Freight Coverage

Smart Services subscribers will now receive a credit on account to help cover the freight for authorized return shipments. We want to make dealing with defective products as simple as possible, and that includes the cost you pay to get the defective products back to DOW. For approved defective product returns, subscribers will receive a $15 credit for parcel shipments and a $100 credit for LTL shipments.

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*Satellite products and SPL Boxes excluded from DOW Smart Services program, including DOW Smart Ship and DOW Smart Courier.