Internet and Reselling Policies

Our Vendors have developed a premier line of products which the Vendors have carefully marketed under the Vendor’s company and product trademarks. Many of these Vendors require that DOW sell their products only to approved dealers having an image consistent with the Vendor’s quality image, having the ability to promote and sell the products successfully, and willing to abide by selling and pricing policies.

Accordingly, these Vendors require that all dealers selling their products must comply with the following Internet and Reselling Policies:

  • You can sell the products only to the end user customers (1) who come in to your place of business, or (2) for whom you install the products.
  • You shall not under any circumstances resell or distribute the products to other dealers, retailers, wholesalers, e-tailers, or resellers of any kind.
  • You shall not under any circumstances sell any products on the internet, whether through an on-line shopping cart or website, a third party website, or an auction website of any kind. You understand and acknowledge that we and the Vendors of these products shall internet shop all Products. All internet purchased Products’ shall be traced.
  • You shall not sell any products or use the Vendor’s trademarks in any catalogue or in any connection with any telemarketing campaign or offering (any 800, 888, 877, or other toll free numbers).
  • You shall abide by all rules and regulations that we issue or that are issued by the Vendor regarding any sales or marketing promotion, contest or campaign related to the products, including without limitation any Vendor Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP) and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies, where applicable.
  • Sometimes, you must be approved as an authorized Dealer of the Product by the Vendor (or Vendor Representative) prior to being authorized to purchase the Vendor’s products from DOW; and, the Vendor has the right, at any time and for any reason to terminate your authorization to purchase the Vendor’s products.

You are required to fill out and sign a separate detailed document setting forth these restrictions and identifying the Vendors’ products you will be authorized to purchase. This document is called the Product Line Declaration and the form can be reviewed [here]. Your DOW Sales Representative will review with you the Product Line Declaration, answer your questions, and make sure it is filled out properly.