Escort ZR5 with Shifter MAX
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Escort ZR5 with Shifter MAX


  • ZR5 is the most advanced laser defense system available
  • Laser ShifterMax sensors incorporate true laser diodes to maximize effectiveness against targeting laser guns, including the latest variable-pulse laser guns
  • Software upgradeable
  • Stand-alone shifter kit – Consists of a small controller, the Bridge Box and interface and two Shifters
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or hardwired to one of our dash detectors to bring the displays and controls into that unit
  • Comes with the cable to hardwire the detector
  • Will accept the extra two sensors as well
  • Can be used to upgrade old systems, but will not directly communicate with and older system (it would require its own control). i.e., you could upgrade a 9500ci by removing the old Shifters, install the new kit and add the control next to the 9500ci control (it is the same size)

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  • Brand : Escort
  • Product Type : Laser Shifters
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