DISH Pro Switch DPH42 Hybrid Multiswitch
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DISH Pro Switch DPH42 Hybrid Multiswitch


  • Supports the installation of multiple Hopper, Joey, Wally and ViP receivers – Including any combination of two of these receiver types
  • Provides connections for up to four satellite feeds from a DISH Pro (DP) or DISH Pro Plus (DPP) LNBF
  • Alternately, the DPH42 satellite inputs may be fed by the "To Additional" switch (trunk) outputs of a DPP44 or DP34
  • Supports Hopper 3 receiver with a DP or DPP dish antenna
  • Approved for use to ground the dish system
  • The DPH42 has a hard plastic material inside the input and output ports that make it easy to align the center conductor of the coax cable when connecting
  • Because the ports of the DPH42 are not self-sealing a CAP must be used on any unused ports to eliminate moisture migration
  • Note that the CAPs that are provided with the DPH42 are different than the 75 Ohm terminators that are used toterminate unused client ports on a Node or DPH Hub
  • Do NOT install 75 Ohm terminators on the DPH42

  • DISH Products : LNBs and Switches
  • Brand : DISH
  • Item Rank Result : 8