Blackhole Advanced
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Blackhole Advanced


  • A coated water resistant multi-layer high efficiency acoustical absorption pad with a pressure sensitive adhesive back.
  • Ideal damping for enclosures exposed to the elements. Such as marine, car door, and other similar applications.
Description of Layers
  • High efficiency acoustical absorption layer from high density polyurethane foam.
  • “Floating Wall” sound barrier made of limp flexible vinyl copolymer loaded with non-lead inorganic fillers.
  • Vibration isolation layer made with polyurethane flexible closed cell foam.
  • Hi-loss flexible viscoelastic double thickness damping layer, backed with a super-strong pressure adhesive.
  • Sealed to ensure water resistance.
  • Size: 4” x 3” x 1.5”
  • For 2 Car Doors (Extra Coverage)
  • 40 Pieces

  • Brand : Black Hole
  • Product Type : Sound Damping
  • Item Rank Result : 0