Fusion Marine Signature Series 8 Channel Marine Amplifier
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Fusion Marine Signature Series 8 Channel Marine Amplifier


  • Class-D Amplifier Technology - The highly efficient Class-D design provides 2000-Watts peak power whilst drawing less current than a standard Class-AB amplifier. This design provides increased efficiency and power output to your speakers, letting you enjoy your music for longer.
  • 2000 Watts Peak Power – With a peak power of 2000 watts, you can easily power up to 8 pairs of speakers or up to 4 pairs of speakers with 2 subwoofers.
  • Marine-Ready Design with Conformal Coated PCBs - Extending the life of your amplifiers, the Signature Series are designed specifically for marine use with conformal coated PCBs to provide extra protection from the marine elements.
  • Rigid Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink - Molded to form a singular die-cast chassis, the fin layout is calculated with precision to increase the surface area of the heat sink and improve heat dissipation.
  • Stainless Mirror Finish - The polished stainless-steel control panel cover conceals and protects all cable connections and settings controls whilst providing an attractive finish to complement any installation.
  • Speaker Configuration - Whether you require 2 Ohms per channel or 4 Ohms bridged, your Signature Series amplifier has your installation options covered to achieve the optimum output levels.
  • Connect up to two speakers per channel at 2 Ohms, or for extra power, bridge two channels at 4 Ohms to connect two subwoofers.
  • Zone Designation - To align with the Fusion entertainment system zone philosophy, the input and output connections are labelled as zones.
  • True-Marine Design - Signature Series amplifiers are perfect for the marine environment, and carry a 3-year warranty.

  • Brand : Fusion
  • Product Type : Amplifiers
  • Features : Marine
  • Channels : 8 Channel
  • Item Classification : Top Sellers
  • Item Rank Result : 11